Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I miss you wuzzle

Hey bursties CAM here today i will be talking about wuzzles.

You might be like WHAT? but yes wuzzles who misses them... ME! i have bought many wuzzle peices but i can never complete them any stragies or maybe anything that you can tell me of what you did. SO i have many wuzzles but no boards (Like 3) can anyone please tell me where to go for the wuzzle boards i want to make a wuzzle fashion outfit and if someone is willing to sell some i will love that PLEASE message me at Cam- it will be very helpful ok so thats it for this post (I WANTED YOU GUISE TO ENJOY YOUR VETERANS Day :3) but please take the questionnaire below.
Oh btw these are the results from the last poll. So surprised

I love this picture btw 

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

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