Thursday, November 13, 2014

♥ Hacking And Baking? ♥

Hey  Bursties! Lily here 2nd post yoooo c; lol so anyway i'm going to talk about hacking DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN. 

Of course we've got scammed hacked etc etc. one of the days!. what's really sad is.. HACKERS HACK EACHOTHERS LOL WUT?

it's like payback xD  you guys need to be careful!! the amount of hackers we've had on woozworld is COUNTLESS XD

Of course i don't support hackers! But... sometimes its fun xD well hackers are fun if there's no negative results, but unfortunately we do have a lot of negative results like people getting banned and alot of other stuffers c;! i'll show you a list of the most known woozworld hackers c;!  

well well well what do we have here xD bunch of hackers here and there and everywhere! it's N O R M A L to have hackers.

this is the end lol thanks for reading bye!!!!!!!!!!!!
But too much? cough cough