Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ALL CAUGHT UP! 2 Outfit ideas From MWA! :D

Hey everyone! I'm finally caught up with all that trial blogger issues. I am forgetting to put my woozen name at the end of it. Haha. 

And sorry for not posting on Monday, I was busy about the whole Veterans day thing. I had LOTS of homework. And so yeah.

But to make it up to you, i'll post tommorow. - Jazz Hands-

Now, i'll show you some of my outfit ideas!

First, we have our lovely model: imafuzzymonster

This outfit would be for a good for a play in the park. I imagine you or someone just playing catch with a dog. And it's absolutely beautiful.

Lastly, we have the lovely babbybooluvsu
I think this outfit  is for like a ''Skater Girl'' look. I LOVE the color scheme. I think lillac  looks very nice on her.  


So that's it for today guys! Cya!