Sunday, November 30, 2014

Color Codes!

Hai guys! It's your gurl Sparkles here with a little secret on how to get the perfect color off of someone ;) WITH Pictures (Very easy) ;D Here it is...

1. Take a picture of the color you want
Tips: Zoom in to the color
you want and take the picture.
It's easier that way :)

P.S You can also do this with
hair color too! :D

2. Go to the albumz you save it in...
Tips: You can share it and it
will be a lot easier to find :)
(This tip would be better for
people who have like a bilion
albums) -_- xD

3. Go to the pic and click "Save image as" Or, what you use to save x)

Tips: You can name it this: "-"
and it will be the first thing  to
pop up, and if you have more
than 1 name it more than 1 of the
"-" :) (Sounds confusing) XD

4. After you've saved it, go to

Tips: No tips xD

5. It should look like this... Go to edit
Tips: It is easier to click
"Computer" C=

6. Go on the magic wand (Effects) and click...

No tips xD

7. Go all the way down until you see draw. Click that

No tips c;;

8. Click the "Color Picker" Wand thing o-0

Tips: I don't know. No tips xD

9. Click on the color that you want...
Tips: If you want ALMOST the
same color, click the lighter color


10. Here it is! :D
Tips: I would copy it on to the color
IN THE SHOPZ Because then it will be
colorable and if you forget it you can click
"Customize Colors" and there is the color
code! :P

Hops this helped ! :) Sorry there were 10 pictures -_- just thought it would be easier :) Have fun
getting new colors! You'll rock all of the colors ;)

                                                                Until next time! :)
-Sparkletheawsome :)