Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hey Bursties, Penny here Today!  Lately Im Getting Alot Of Messages About This "NEW SITE" That I Apparently Made. NO I DO NOT OWN THIS, AND DO NOT TRUST THIS. Woozens Are Posing As Lauren & I, And Stole Pictures From MY ALBUMZ, WE DO NOT OWN THIS I CANT STRESS IT ENOUGH, DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFO TO THIS SITE, They Will HACK Your Account !!! :(  I..., NOR WOOZWORLD BURST SUPPORTS THIS. If You Find out Who Made This, Contact Me ASAP. Thankyou, You Also Know That By Making These Sites, You Are Risking Your OWN Account, And It Can Result In Serious Consequences: BANNED.  BE WARNED! xx; iLuvpenguins64