Sunday, November 30, 2014


XD That title!!! #FashionWithCutie= showing some fashion from others/ me in wozworld... maybe I will do some fashion in real too one day. XD So for now I am calling it FashionWithCutie, but if you guys have some ideas, please just post it on my woozin!!! Today, I will be showing two outfits that I really liked at SOTW. There was a third outfit, but I can't find the screenshot that I took of it D: Sorry guys! However, to make it up to you guys I am done with the sign off photo. I really like it and I hope you guys do too. Okay anyways, sorry for getting off topic XD and now lets hit the outfits!

The outfits were put together with the theme of WNTM gold and silver outfits!
This outfit I just love because of matching the gold with the black on the top! The gold just like pops out of the black! <3 Love it, girl! Those shoes though.... I love the detailing on it! Also, I love how she used the gold idea for the hair that actually showed as a gold/orange color which is a really pretty and unique color for the hair. Love the outfit, PinkyLand-XD!
The cat on the head though!! XD My fav part of this outfit is how she matched the top with skirt. The skirt makes the outfit look dressy! The top and skirt just match so perfectly for a party look. The flat just top if off perfectly! This outfit is a diamond piece, so good job to Diamond280. XD

These are the two outfits that I saw at SOTW and just loved instantly! <3 Amazing job to both and give them a round of applause. Now don't stop the applause because it is time to clap for my sign off photo XD jk I hope you do like it though. Anyways, bye guys see you next time. Don't forget to post some titles that I can use instead of #FashionWithCutie. Ttyl!