Saturday, November 29, 2014

Red Advice - Friends and Fitting In

Woozen Name: Anonymous

Problem: In school everyone always picks on me and says that I'm too smart and only my best friends stick up for me and some of my other so-called friends are the ones who started this thing. What do I do? Please!!!

Hii! I'm actually so glad you kept this anonymous. I get picked on too. Lots of times, actually. Even if people don't see it. Every single day of my life, I get picked on. Maybe it's because of my looks, my red hair, how smart or stupid I am - I get picked on. You're not the only one. Everyone gets picked on. Even those people who pick on you.You're lucky you have friends who stick up for you, and to be honest, school is not about who's smart and who's dumb, or who's rich and who's poor, or who's cool and who's lame. School is about learning and shaping your future. Those people who pick on you won't get high marks like you will. Picking on smart people only makes you look stupid. I really hope this helped... in some way!


Woozen Name: Madd-ayForDayz

Problem: Ok, well I have have this one girl that is trying to hard to be "best friends" with my best friend. Anyways, she gets really REALLY annoying and my best friend, or any of my friends including me want to be friends with her. The thing is, it's hard kind of trying to like make her leave us alone without being rude. Red, I need your help. Thanks.

This happens. Happened to me. Sometimes, you have no choice but to be rude to someone. Take me, for example. I might look kind, I might be kind but if you mess with me or annoy me in anyway, I won't be as kind anymore. Sometimes, being rude is not a choice, but it's a must. Tell her how you feel. She should understand. Maybe say something like, 'I appreciate you trying to be friends with me and my best friends, but I don't think you would fit in well with us. I'm sorry'. Good luck! xo