Sunday, November 16, 2014

ALERT: Fashion Ideas: Fall to Winter

What's up bursties? :D It is Cutiexpiexgirl :3 Okay, so today I will be talking about fashion ideas from fall to winter! Now these are just some of my outfits for fall and winter in woozworld, so I hope you guys get some ideas from these outfits! Without further ado, let me show you the first outfit!
First outfit includes:
Emilous Hair: To be honest, I just love this hair because it is just a simple hairstyle, but very pretty! It is just waves that are perfect! They can be used for a elegant occasion or just for casual. In this case, it is for casual like going to school.
Open Back T-Shirt: This is just a very simple t shirt that I picked because it is really casual. There are supposed to be stripes with different colors, but I used the same colors for the stripes. The necklace is a small detail, but a pretty nice one :D I LOVE HOW THE SHIRT JUST FLOWS!! You can't see it, but the back is open which is why it is called open back t shirt xD.
Explosion Leggings: I love these leggings!!!!!!!! The different colors that make an explosion effect was a great idea in my opinion. It just gives like a small pizaz to the whole outfit
Plaid Sneakers: To be honest, these are just regular sneakers, but the plaid detailing is pretty nice. (you can't see it sorry D:)
OVERALL: I really like this outfit because it is very casual and it is something that I would wear too school because it is pretty fashionable, but very comfy looking XD

Second Outfit:
Ariable Hair: The best way to describe this hair for me is innocent looking. I just l ove that it is a fun with two pieces of hair falling at the sides because I just think that having the two pieces fall gives it a cute/a little bit of romantic side to it.
Pixel Dress: I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! You might think Why..? This is because of the small detailing with the pixels! I love how you can have one color fading into another :D
Galaxy Legs: If you look into these leggings, they have a sparkle to it with one leg having a different color to another which is pretty awesome. The main reason I like these bottoms is because it is unique!
Style Me Up Design Contest Heels: When I saw the Style Me Up outfit come out, the boots were my favorite!! It's because it is a very common boot in real life with a heel on the bottom. Also, whenever I wear these boots I feel like a superstar for some reason that I don't know of... o-0 lol
OVERALL: This outfit is the girliest one of the three, so if you like dresses (but it is too cold in the fall), this is perfect for you!! (I think...... I hope...)
Last Outfit:
Bow by Aeropostale: LOVE THE BOW!!!!!!!!!!!! The idea having the bow to be in the back is just amazing!!! The bow detailing makes it a bit more on the girly side, but not over the top.
Woozmas Sweater: YES! The design on the sweater just reminds me of Christmas because it is like everywhere in real life!! I also love how it looks just so cozy!!
Galaxy Legs: I talked about this just before......... xD
Barista Tommys: I like these shoes because it fits the outfit. How does it fit the outfit? The outfit is a very laidback and "comfortable" outfit for the winter!
OVERALL: I think that this outfit is for the people out there that are a little bit girly, but want something very casual.

This is it for today!! Bye guys :D