Monday, November 17, 2014

OFFICAL BLOGGER + 2 Outfits each for Fall ; and 3 for Winter

Hey my beautiful Burstie Boys and Gals! How's everyone? Great.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. JUST THANK YOU. If it wouldn't have been you, I wouldn't have been an offical blogger.

Moving on, I have some outfits i'll like to share with you.  I have 2 outfits for fall, and 2 for winter. 
Without any interuption, let's get started!
First, let's go with fall first. ( Take note that blue, black, and white are  my color code.)

This outfit will show style for you if you are a ( Like me  xD ). I felt like this outfit makes you guys think that, being a tomboy is okay! xD

This outfit will be good for 
a walk in the park.
I felt that this outfit
makes you
classy, if you like 
wearing not-so 
classy clothes.

Now, we have ( Moving onto Winter ).
This outfit will be if you have a day off of school. I felt that, you can get a bit cozy on this one. :D

Then we have: 

This hair would go perfectly for a party night out!
I felt that this outfit 
could boost up your inner
fun person.

 ( Tip) - Click Photo- 

This photo was if
your playing dress up at your house. I felt that you could be 5 years old again, for example! xD

Thanks guys! Cya Later!