Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is Zeena Wooz The Reason For Max Wooz And Jenny Wooz's Breakup!?

       According To Max Wooz, Zeena is a part of the reason him and Jenny are broken up! Is this true? In Max's bio he clearly states that Zeena set him up going to a restaurant thinking jenny was going to be there and that was apparently not the case...  
       I think a big question that a lot of woozens are asking right now is will Max and Jenny ever get back together? The world may never know...  ;) It also isn't look completely good on getting back together because there not even in one anothers hot friends anymore! 
       Will this be the end for jenny and max? In my opinion I hope not because they were adorable! But Jenny for some reason seems happy? This could be the end for a big relationship in Woozworld forever :(.

Hope you enjoyed :D ~Miablove (also check out my youtube channel @ Miablove- WOOZWORLD