Friday, October 10, 2014

Zombeardtosis Disease...?

Hello, you lovely bunch of Bursties!

Guess what today is...?! It's FRIDAY! The start of the weekend, and also my posting day (yeah buddy -bro fist-). I missed posting here so much. Like. A week without blogging? No can do.

So, today, I was quite bored and I stalked the WoozBand's wallz. Hey, don't tell me you've never done that before, because there's a high chance that you have. Okay? Okay. The Fault in Our Stars. Get me? No? Okay. I'm seriously going off topic. Not cool, Red. Not cool. Anyway, as most of you know, a 'Zombeardtosis (let's not rant about the lame name) Disease' is spreading around WoozWorld, and many are upset because they don't want their woozens to look like zombies.

Some complaints:

Some people have also complained that they're doing this Zombeardtosis thing because of the 'Ebola'. If you haven't heard of the Ebola, which I'm sure you have, it's a very deadly disease.
I have also heard that there are no cures for the Zombeardtosis disease and that the outfit won't protect you, but I do not have any proof on whether it's true or false.
Until tomorrow, guys!