Thursday, October 9, 2014

Loss Of Creativity¿?

   Happy Friday!

   Today's Post Will Be About WoozWorld's [Long Going] Loss Of Creativity.. Let's Face It, WoozWorld Hasn't Been Very Original For A While. What I'm Showing You In This Post Will Just Be The VERY Recent Times Where They're Had A Loss Of Ideas.

   In The Halloween Collection That Just Got Taken Out Of The Store. The 'Pumpkie' Outfit In Particular: I Wonder Where I've Seen A Hair Like That Before. Oh! Could It Be The 2013 Friendship Collection ShopZ Exclusive Around Valentine's Day, But Of Course, With A Hat. Wouldn't Want It To Be The Same Or Anything ;-D.

   And Now Moving Over To The 'Kattitude' Outfit, I See A Pair Of Leggings That I've Seen Somewhere Else Before. I Can't Remember Exactly When The Original Outfit Came Out, But It Was A Whole Kitty Thing And It Was In The ShopZ, Not Store.

 The Exact Same Kitty Face On The Leggings But On The Original It Has A Skirt, The Kattitude Being Shorts. Once Again, Wouldn't Want Anyone To Suspect Anything! ;)

   Now For The Most Recent Additions To The Store. WoozWorld, You Are Making This Too Easy! Biggest Loss of Creativity WoozWorld Has EVER Experienced! Putting Together Pieces Of Old Outfits That Have A Similar Theme? The Only Ones I'd Personally Want To Buy If They Weren't $7 Is The Free Spirit For The Floral Goddess Hair And The Skirt From The Long PonyTail Collection. And Maybe The Prep Life For Whatever New Hair That Is.
This Is A Low Point In WoozWorld.
   Also, The Skele-onsie. The Name, For Starters... Is That Supposed To Be A Pun Or Something? Cause I Don't Get It... And I'm Sure You've Seen The Actual Skeleton Costume That Has The Head Either Plain Or With A Bow, Wasn't Really Hard To Come Up With That One But I Still Might Buy It Because Onsie's Are Life.
   There's Really No Excuse Considering How Many A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y Talented Woozens Send In Designs And Make Youtube Videos With These Original And Stylish Ideas Only For WoozWorld To Put Together Old Pieces That No One Even Liked.