Friday, October 10, 2014

Zombeardtosis vs. Ebola !!

   For My 2nd Post Of The Day, I Wanted To Write About Something That's Been Annoying Me. The People Comparing 'Zombeardtosis', A Virtual Zombie Infection With A Stupid Name, To Ebola, A Deadly Disease That Has Killed Over 3.4K People.

Eb·ola·fever/ēˈbōlə ˌfēvər/
an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus ( Ebola virus ), whose normal host species is unknown.

an airborne viral disease that accelerates skin decomposition, causing a bright-blue-green discoloration, while increasing facial hair growth.

   There Are Few, If Not NO Similarities Between The Two. The Fact That the Two Events Happened Around Each Other Is A Little Inconvenient. Last Time I Checked Ebola Wasn't Giving People Long Beards And Blue Skin. Ebola Isn't A Joke And Shouldn't Be Spoken About Like It's The Sniffles. And I Will Repeat, Ebola Is A Fatal Disease, "ZOMBEARTOSIS" IS A ZOMBIE INFECTION!

Here's What Some People Had To Say:

Please stop referring Zombeardtosis to Ebola. Ebola is a serious and deadly disease and shouldn't be made into a joke. By comparing a virtual outbreak to an actual epidemic, is really un-amusing to myself and others. I don't believe WoozWorld made Zombeardtosis because of Ebola, but rather they already had it planned and it was a sad coincidence. So I ask again, please stop referring Zombeardtosis to Ebola. IT'S NOT FUNNY

^^^ This Post Had Over 20 Wooz-Ups And I Could Not Agree More.

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