Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your fashion around WW

Hey burties its CAM!

Today is SERIOUS we have to talk about the best outfits i have seen today. And so lets get started y'all (Paula Deen Moment)

Outfit #1 
Hey girl your hair is popping! your dress matches everything and it just flows.. only thing I would change is her shoes they just do not match well but its not much of a "Eye sore" but i am ecstatic for that hair and i will get it, Just for boys.

Outfit #2
RED ah am i in love or not? Red is fabulous and you "WERK" it and its just awesome and i love how you have the make-up that matches with your whole outfit it just is pretty and "Classy" and it makes me want to vote you x10 for anything.

Outfit #3
"Baby your so classic... No Homo" but your hair is amazing i love it and i adore it and i honestly will take it off your're woozens hair and keep it for myself. Not to mention that your matching and its black and white and i love black and white if you know me but its EXTREMELY nice and it just does not feature "Rares".

Outfit #4
Black and white on EVERYTHING i am so amazed by how beautiful it is and its "Hip" and it shows autumn and fall themed typed and it just different and i love different and it looks like something you could most likely wear that outfit because of its "Normality" it has on itself.

So thats it! I hope you guys liked my little fashion review type dillio and i hope i can do some more in the future. 

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo