Thursday, October 23, 2014

Woozworld Store: New Outfits! :D

Hello beautiful! Halloween is coming. We only have 1 week and a day! <3 Scarrrrrry! I'm so excited for Halloween. Woozworld has came out with some great outfits. Let's take a little sneak peak.
First Outfit: Droidful Costume. 
How much? $4.99
Little Quote: Your life as a teenage robot! 

Second Outfit: Ichabod Costume.
How much? $4.99
Little Quote: Rise from the dead this Halloween! 


Get 4 Outfits For:
You can Mix and Match to create your own costumes!
Sorry I posted today, I will be busy tomorrow because I have Marching Band Competition!
I wanted to keep you guys updated on Woozworld Stores. I hope all of you have been thinking about your Halloween Outfit! I really want to hear about them! I bet they would be really cool to hear about. YOU GUYS SHOULD STOP BY ON MY WOOZIN AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME. I hope you guys have a good weekend and I will see you monday or on my Woozin! REMEMBER TO RATE MY POST! Bye Beautiful Woozens! xoxo -XxxLoveForeverxx