Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Outfits!

Hey wonderful Bursties!
Selly here with a review of the New Halloween outfits!

First up, the girls ''Glindaween'' Costume aka. princess costume. Get ready, because I have lots of comments for this one..

Hair: Oh. My. Gosh. *Esteban Voice* This is a disaster! Who in their right mind would have hair this huge? The locks are a good idea and all, but really? You want us to look like we have a tumor on our heads? Gosh, horrible.

Dress: The sleeves are too poofy, they need to be a little smaller, and then the dress is pretty good for the theme, I guess. I like the sparkles on it. I can also see some roses near the bottom of the photo, Hm, that should look nice as long as they didn't over-do with them.

The "Dolloween" Costume.
 Much better than the last one, that's clear.

Hair: I kind of dislike the way that the bangs go sideways. Could've been done better. The face is pretty good though. The eyes are just a bit too big. The face goes seperate from the hair, thankfully! 
The pigtails are a nice change, but the upper part of the hair, above the bows does not look that good.

Dress: A big like from me. I love the ''shirt'' under the dress with the little ruffled shoulders. The dress itself if cute with the bow. I like the little sewing marks, good for the theme.
The only negative thing about this would be the doll marks on the arms. Sure, cool for Halloween, but the dress would be cute in regular outfits, too.

The "Esqueleta" Costume.
My personal favorite.

Hair: I sure hope that the hair doesn't come with the mask in this one. Of these three Halloween outfits, only this one has a good hair shape. It would be useful if the face (flower mask) came separate so we could wear the hair regularly. The mask is a bit tacky, if you ask me. Regarding the dress' classy style, it doesn't fit as much.

Dress: Absolutely ADORE it. It's just perfect, with the little roses, the one-shoulder, and the white necklace! The built-in belt fits it so well! It will definately be part of my Halloween outfit.

I'll leave the boys outfit reviews to our own Burst boys. 

Until next time,
SelenaGomez6428 *Selly*