Thursday, October 23, 2014


Hey guys! It's Lily and today....... I'M AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER! 
 The reason why my post is delayed is because I wanted to see if I am an official blogger, I didn't want to be rude and post without being alerted. So, yah!

Today I wanted to make my posts more colorful, so I'm going to try to blog in color and BOLDNESS! If it doesn't work out, I will never do it again. XD 
 Alrighty then, let's get started! 
I already don't like blogging in color XD. 
Ok. So, let me rate the new outfits!  (Fun!)

Hair: 7/10
Torso: 8/10
Comment: I actully don't like this outfit very well :( The hair is pooft, I don't like big/poofy hair in real or woozworld. I think the curls really sets it off though!
The dress is iffy..It is really cute however, it doesn't look like Glenda the Good. But it is dressy, expecially since it's based around a fair-tale! 
The legs has no rating.
The feet are cute! I LOOOVE THEM! They are so cute! And they really set the outfit off! Perf!

Hair: 10.10
Torso: 9/10
Feet: 7/10
Detail: 10/10
Comment: The hair is cute! I love it becaue it is pig-tails and curly (how I wear my hair everyday) So, it looks like me XD....
The torse I could do without! The makeup is cute, but the dress is UGH.. I thoight this was a cute doll by the makeup? Guess not.
The legs are not rated because you barely see them... (HTYE ARE PANTY-HOES XDDDDDDDDDD)
The feet I could also do without, they lookm like the trackese boots, yet they are creepier..
The detail on this outfit is AMAZING! It has the little slots that move the arms and legs like real dolls! I LOVE it!!
Hair:  9/10
Feet: 8/10
Comment: This outfit I could do without. Even though it celebrates Mexico (wich people in Mexico probably like) But, the dress and shoes I dont like and the dressis ugly. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of this one.

So, this is it! I didn't do the boy's because well, I learnt never to go between a boy and hi fashion (so so so soo sorry my friend in real) XD

Until next time,