Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Outfits + Math = A Post

   Please Tell Me This Isn't Actually Happening. When I First Saw It, I Literally Laughed Out Loud. Ladies & Gentlemen Who Haven't Been On WoozWorld Today Yet, WoozWorld Is Making Us Pay Either; $1.99 For 1 Hair, A Cure, & A Vaccine, Or More Money For A Bunch Of Non-Transferrable Outfits. But then I Saw A Post On Woozin That Had To Do With Comparisons Between Different Sites, So I Wanted To Put Some Life Into My Post And Do Some Research.

1. WoozWorld - 12 Month Vip - $54.95 - VIP Perks: Gold Chat Bubble, Queue Skip, No Preztige Level Needed, Access To ZeChic.

2. MovieStarPlanet - 12 Month Vip - $62.99 - VIP Perks: 635 Gems? 91,000 'Coins', More Clothing, Etc.

3. ClubPenguin - 12 Month 'Membership' - $59.95 - 'Membership' Perks: WEAR CLOTHING, Collect Free Items, Buy From The Catalog.

4. Fantage - 12 Month 'Membership' - $59.95 - Membership Perks: More Clothing Selections, A Monthly Allowance Of 5,000 'Stars', Pets.

   So When You Think About It, WoozWorld May Not Have The 'Best Value' For A VIP, But It's one Of The Best Sites. Unlike Club Penguin, EVERYONE Can Wear Clothes In WoozWorld. And In Fantage, 'Non Membership' People Are Cut-Off From Basically All The Good Clothes. And MSP Cost Over $60! It May Just Be A Few Dollars Over The Rest, But For What It's Giving In Comparison Doesn't Make It Look Good. But Overall WoozWorld Is A Pretty Great Site, Unlike CP And Fantage The Filters Aren't That Bad And Let Us Say A Lot Besides Bad Words And Such.