Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hey, Hey, Hey!

      Hey bursties I am CAM i am currently a blogger on trial and i am a newb so bare with me as i start my lil journey here on Woozworld Burst. Ok about me i am a "Pro" at woozworld ... (haha lies) but i have been playing for awhile but hacked a lot so not able for my ~TRUE~ experience.I am a very socially awkward person but i love making people laugh and people making me laugh. I will be blogging about the store items and fashion in general i might call you out for your outfit. I will do a competition every MONDAY and FRIDAY and it I will choose the best outfit that a woozen is wearing, So look fab! So that was a little about me and hopefully i can satisfy your FASHION and BEAUTY needs.

Stay Classy 
- Cam :D