Friday, August 7, 2015

Woozworld Superstar Unit Items & Announcement

What's up, munchies? First, I have an announcement :D So, in the chat on the blog, I asked if anyone liked the show populars on purplerulz875's channel and I asked her if I could do a public interview with her which she said yes to :D I am not sure of the date yet, but when I do know I will let you guys know in the blog chat or I will psot about it if I can. Okay, now to the main focus of today's post. So, Mya posted today that we would not have funky Friday, but would get woozworld superstar unit items from last year to prepare us for the contest that is coming up soon! I will show a picture of all (I think it is all) of the items that are in this section.


These items includes the stages, tour busses, and practice rooms. There is also furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables, mirrors, carpets, and others for the unitz. There are also lights for the stages/ concert unitz and even a bodyguard yeti because you know how bad paparazzi can get... There are also instruments, mics, and so much more!
That is it for today, guys! Remember I might have an interview coming soon with purplerulz875 so be on the lookout in the blog's chat! Bye guys!!