Sunday, August 9, 2015

Things To Do During Summer

Hello, woozens! :D So, how has you summer been? If you summer has been boring, here are some things you can do to spice up your summer:
1. Hangout with your friends: You don't have to wait until school starts to see them! Go to the movies, shop, play games, or just meet up and talk to each other. When friends are around, you will never get bored!
2. Go to the pool: Personally, I love going to the pool cause it is just fun.. Plus it will not be as hot when you jump into the pool.
3. Family Game Night: I know, this might sound boring, but it could be actually really fun. Pick the right game and you will be laughing with your family while playing the game!
4. Do DIYS for Back To School: Some people are going to back to school already while others just got out of school! Whatever you situation is, it is never too late to start to get things ready for school. Making your own things to school can be really fun. You can customize your own notebooks by using scrapbook paper, cardstock, stickers, or you can paint them. You can also customize/decorate other school supplies, too!
5. Play Woozworld: There are so many things you can do on woozworld. You can go to events, shop, play games, and much more!
6. Find a hobby: Try different hobbies like dancing, singing, drawing, reading, biking, and etc.
7. Watch Tv: There is nothing wrong with just watching tv or watching Netflix. Grab some snacks and start watching tv and Netflix!

Sorry for this being quite a short post.. Anyways, talk to you guys next time!