Sunday, August 2, 2015

Woozpetz of the week

hey ya unicorns <) how have you been?
This Tuesday, im going to the seaside with my family so i wont be able to post for 5 days, i'll  come back and my schedule will turn back to normal.
Anyways, Woozpetz of the week! This week, France was the acctual "theme" for wotw! And  RecklessCharms and her adorable monkey Casanova totally knew how to rock that theme out! RecklessCharms casually combined her chic shiny accesorie with the black and white top,along with a beautiful pair of heels! And what can i say about Casanova? He was a little cutie, with a "parisienne" hat,prooving that accesories are the key for an awesome outfit!

Congratz to the winner! <3

Okay guys,sorry for such an short post,but as i've said everything we'll turn back to normal when i'll come from the seaside. Byeee