Sunday, August 2, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: SOTW Outfit Review

Hello! First, REMEMBER if anyone has any posting ideas PLEASE tell them to me.. Okay? Okay, good ::D So, today star of the week was in the morning at 11:00 wt where the theme was European style.
Hair: Lush Locks
Top: The jacket from the Londess outfit
Skirt: Wooznis Skirt (I think?)
Shoes: -
I was not there to see the names of what she was wearing... so SORRY D: about that. The Lush Locks are just so pretty! I love her hair color with the green and white color code! The jacket with the shirt kind of made it look like a dress if you look at it from a certain angle which I think is so pretty!! I love how the necklace matches with shoes. The matching of the top and skirt is just PERFECT!! CONGRATZ TO HOPELESSLYCOPING!

Sorry for this being so short and late, munchkins. Btw, hoping to be able to finish a new signoff by next time and see you later!