Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wns Winners-Eventz :3

Aloha, how have you been for like so long ....
OK, so the reason for why i haven't been posting is that again my computer is ughhh... So i have to post from my tablet, for  my birthday i'll probably get a new laptop and a phone so i can finally respect my schedule, plus that, thoughts about quitting came out in my mind, and it was a moment when i seriously thought about quitting,and i've been busy with Wattpad xD annddd.... School is approaching,eh who cares xD ,i have like 2 more weeks until my summer vacation ends (also i was busy watching anime:)
ANYWAYS, now into the real post.
WNS-it's over, and the music genre who won was POP...gratz...i really wanted rock to win .-. and the winners received 1 piece from the new outfits (the wns ones) and 10 beex, that's what i've heard.
Okay so the next topic is not linked to any of the news at the moment, since it's this whole wns thing, here are some events that i think would be awesome if Woozworld had.

Anime week -When, woozworld could make anime inspired outfits and peoples would do cosplays and stuff, what about a COSPLAY contest ...that would be like a photo contest, and we would have to sumbit our photo xD

WOOZWORLD SWEETZ EVENT- When, woozworld would turn unitz in sweets like, plaza would be a cupcake, quest woud be made of bubblegum or street could be made of candy cotton THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
And, woozens could also turn into sweets, imagine you having a marshmallow hair or chocolate shoes etc.

Old woozworld- like for a day, woozworld would turn into its five years ago version, woozens would look like 5 years ago, chat bubbles would be like 5 years ago and EVERYTHING would be like five years ago, i think this could be a really successful event, since many woozens are blaming that woozworld it's not like it was, so at least for a day, we could have it back!

-cought- colorable day -cought-

Okay guys, so that's all for today, sorry again for such a short post!
See ya!
Working on a new sign off pic -Myleyvip