Friday, August 28, 2015

The Final Four for WNS

Hey guys! Okay, so it is pretty late and I do not have my computer now... I actually have not been on much at all this week. School is getting closer and I am actually finishing my summer hw (I kept procasinate no with it this summer which is why I have not been on recently. Okay, anyways, I went on woozworld for like a minute to see what is happening. So, I really am not sure what to post, but after i decided to just share who were the final four even though most of you probably know already.
So, the final four are
Zeendaya Wooz
Demi Woozvato
50 Beex

So, I think the finale was today and I am not sure who won, but if you guys do know, please say who in the chat! Bye guys!!