Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updating my unicorns: Canada day quiz answers

Aloha dear unicorns! I'm back and ready to post. Ye, sorry i didn't post Tuesday.
And today I'm gonna help you to get through the ''Canada day quiz"!
Let's get started!

Question nr.1: What date is Canada Celebrated: July 1

Question nr.2: What is the name of the airplanes that perform during Canada Day : The Snowbirds

Question nr. 3: Where do most of the polar bears in Canada live : nunavut

Question nr. 4: What Canadian province produces the most maple syrup: Quebec

Question nr. 5:How many points can you find on the Canadian flag Maple Leaf: 11

Question nr. 6:How many provinces does Canada have: 10 (here, if you noticed,you could choose between question nr 5 and question nr 6)

Question nr. 7: What is Canada’s national sport: Hokey

Question nr. 8: How many oceans border Canada: 3

And at the end, you get a prize. It is a symbz.
Congratz,you have done the quiz!
And, i bet most of you know the fashion designer :Stella123sl,on YouTube funbun686, i watched her world fashion tour and i found the outfit for Canada!
It is so perf. I really like it! If you want to see the rest of the outfits from the fashion world tour click HERE

Sorry for such a short post. This week,probably the posts will stay like that since I'll go in a trip in Montenegro. 
Thank chu!
See ya Sunday!