Thursday, July 2, 2015

Updates lately in woozworld~


 Happy canada Day! obviously it's too late to wish but hey... I did tried my best okay so , well, I am on my vacations but I thought why not post when IM ON THE AIRPORT and have spare time so well I just like to post..
In this post (I won't do a #RoyaAdvices) I'll tell yall the two updates I saw this day when I logged in so BTW im always into the free stuff like when ever I see a new update I'M LIKE ohmigod OMG! THEIR GONNA GIVE FREE! yeeeeeeeeeeee but it turns out to be something else so lets go to the point
the no#1 update I saw this  july was was.. actually related to a security issue that is secret question. This is the most best ever update that is.. because this is related to security you just have to select a question and a secret answer for your own self.. this Jane newbie picture is located on the top left corner of the world. The question raised is how does it help well, even I dont know I am figuring it out :).

2) The next update is for VIPs that is

Well, I wanted to show you a chart of benefits of the things that only VIPs RECIEVE...! 
click photo to enlarge :)

Did you noticed that vips will be given free gifts every 30 days. Now there are very mre benefits for vips so go out there and be a VIP