Monday, July 20, 2015

New Kawaii Store Outfits+Surprise :3

-hugs x100000 timez-
You guys don't know how much i missed chu! 
Home sweet home. Yep.
So finally i am not stuck in a hotel room with no wifi or a beach without wifi or a restaurant without wifi or ANYTHING without wifi! 
But, i'm stuck on my tablet ... Where i'm not able to add photos T_T. The past days i was using my phone (i have it since 3 years ago) and ye..i could barely write on it.
Anyways, into today's topic i'm  doing it today because tomorrow i am at a birthday party . I've never been at a pool-birthday-party (sorry,i don't have any adjective  to describe this) so if you have any advices for mesh,drop them into the chatbox.
I like the fact that i've said "Into today's topic" but i didin't even mention about today's topic so bruh. 
As you seen from the title "New Kawaii Store Outfits" , there are basicaly just some japanese stuff...whatever...who even cares! T_T jkjkjkjk (Blea, don't kill  me because i've said this o3o)
The outfits are based on "K-pop" which i think is awesome. Remember that Woozworld did some sort of Manga Outfits? Yep :3 But these, are way better. I personally luv luv them since i like anime, manga and anything that is related to this. xD
I think both outfits are great but i like mya's one (Suprstar) it's just...ugh...okay T_T
I am just waiting for them outfits to become trade able...
What can i say ^^ ...there are actually no more news so..
The surprise duh: okay so i was thinking at this,but i have to ask a few more bloggers to see of they would agree with me. Hopefully they will. I am not going to give you any kind of spoilers so you have to patiently wait :3 -evil face-
K guys, I'm going to leave now :3 byeeee ily