Monday, July 20, 2015


I know I did my post for the dayy but I just wanted to post one more time c';

Lovely day isn't it? Well, let me start from the beginning what happened! I was at the Beijing-China Unitz where the Zack finding thing started LOL BTW the queue was like above ''154'' O.0 LOL I bet you faint died xD So first we had to click a podz and then we had to click an item you think belongs to Zackwooz! So that gear thing was behind the Chinese bird bath and I was going to click it when I saw @Cosmicthunder (the woozguidez)..
He came and was very peacefully telling the woozens that If you have done your objectives then please leave for queue. ''Stop begging the votes to leave'' (About time a woozguidez noticed the limit of lines O_O) wELL, I guess that @cosmicthunder was very nice while telling the VIPs) Suddenly from nowhere a very rude woozen Swagger12 I might say a fame seeker started to regret these points

He started calling our woozguidez ''fuck you!'' He was being very npolite and saying that I don't  care If I get banned and stuff LOL (We'll se about that Swagger =D)

Now @Tobanj came and saying that ''Do You talk Like That around your mother Swagger?'' and saying that he is reported and now that their work was to report and the modz work is to remove you! So guys Thanks for reading and theres a message for you guys To please when you're done with the objectivez then leave as soon as possible I know That there will be no difference with just one person but we all are united and we all can help the Non-VIPs..! So thanks guys..!

This is the ''Flag Of China'' the nowagays Symbz Wored by all who does the objective I just told you..

Cya later. Thanks for reading...! :) =D