Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Fun Tips!

Hey guys o3o! It's Bleaty here.I know I didn't post last week,and I have a reason.1.) I've recently been having this lonely feeling o.o and 2.) My Blogger Html was broken.I spent all day last week fixing it though so I'm ready to blog x'D.Anyways,on woozworld,most of the other bloggers took my topics,so I decided,why not give you guys some tips to have fun and stay cool in summer :D!!TBH: I really hate summer,but for those that enjoy it,here are some Blea-TipZ To stay safe & have fun.Here we go!

* Put on ALOT Of sunscreen.This is probably the most simplest rule there is.I already got half burned on my legs in May!Make sure to put it on your legs,arms & faces.(WARNING: DO not eat if it has a scent to it! I'm talking to you Bob!!)

*Spray on some bug spray!.You either survive summer,or get eaten alive.o_o

*Drink lots of water.It's important to stay hydrated kids!

*Stay cool!Now I'm not talking about the cool/uncool 'cool' T_T I mean shady 'cool'.Jump in a lake,have a water fight,do the ALS ice bucket challenge for all I care!

*HAVE FUN!! Like duh.Summer is a time to forget about homework,going to detention...*cough*
Invite your friends to play at the park!Enjoy the freedom while it lasts kids,cause before you know it,your momma gonna get a letter sayin': Dear mother of Blea,your daughter has gotten Mrs.Plotkin as her teacher this year.Please remember to get all her school supplies.Thanks! The St.idk...School.

*Remember to also be prepared for the weather.One minute it might be sunny,then all of a sudden your drenched in rain.

Those are my er tips,if they weren't so helpful,please still try to use them for summer vacation.

Please someone message me words of kindness...I'm lonely...Someone anyone D:!

Bleaty signing out!

                                               (NEW PHOTO COMMING SOON!!)