Saturday, June 6, 2015

#Royal Advices, friends VS boyfriend

So hiys guys....
Idk why but Im having this good spirit today... im feeling crazy right now cause im having this sneezes. Achoooooooooooo...!!
Lets get to the topic.. so this is something very tough choosing. Ah lets see wut concern we have here..

#Royal Advices Dear Princess, I Need Your Help.. This Is Kinda A Romance/ Friend Situation Lol. Soo My Crush Asked Me Out, To Go To The School Dance Together This Friday Night. BUT Its My Bffs Bday Party That Night. I Cant Do Both. What Should I Do??

dear friend,
This must be a very hard thing to do and that is choosing. Well these are some of the thoughts what I think..

Choose what you want. Let your sole say it for yourself. You need to relax and think that whom do you care the most.. maybe the friend or maybe your crush.. lets just see that what do you advicee..If you choose one you can makeva sorry card for the other..

Attend the birthday first and then the prom.. the prom CAN wait. Can it??. I guess going to the birthday first gor half an hour is good then spend the night with your crush..

These were some two ideas I though butbyesh guys the other viewers can help you too. Guys please this advice seeker some advice in the chat box. As I say it often I'll say it again.. let your questions comming I love doing #Royal Advices..
have some advice from the royal majesty 'me' princessabix.