Saturday, June 20, 2015

#Royal Advices, What it takes to become a blogger!

hey busters, (ehhhh, a little too slangy ;)

Today I was just surfing woozworld Unitz ( Btw you can surf unitz by going here and there) So yea I was ''surfing'' the unitzs and I found this fan of mines who was lately being audience of my own blog Woozworld Stunnings but she was also viewing Burst so she was just expressing her love and attraction towards both the blogs and I was very happy about that :). We left and she messaged me for a #Royal Advice that said:

Dear Princess a bix,
I get very bored here on woozworld. So I want to do new things. I have done everything but nothing makes me happy :( I get very bored which is why I want to be a part of Woozworld Burst. BTW i saw you doing an advice corner that is amazing. I wanna become just like you posting being famous but They never select meh... IDK why? please gimme tips so that I can become a part of this blog :) (ohhh can you also put this on your newest post like thnx omigod)

like thnx so much for viewing this blog and I am totally happy about that. I am also happy that my post makes you feel better. Here I will tell you and all the world who is reading this post that
Firstly this blog doesn't just pick up some bloggers randomly.. If they need bloggers only then they pick some. For example some bloggers don't post but their name is counted on the blogger list. If the owner decide to put new bloggers instead then they would contact by posting, chat box etc. So they wont just take anyone....
Next thing is that people become someone who they shouldn't be. Like first of all while filling the form be honest. LIKE if they ask you ''for how much time are you online each day'' You lie and say more than half a day. O_O What if the owner checks if you are online and founds you offline? It means you lied. try to be honest...
 This blog takes people who are worthy. So If you are worthy of being a blogger you will be selected.
If you are selected than you should be punctual. Show that you do deserve this place so show that..!
Filling the pretending post is the most important part in the view of me because they see your skills. Before applying to this blog first be a blogger for some other blog to enhance your writing skills (just a tip)
 You can try to be very funny you know (just a tip).....
Be you. dont act like someone who you are not.. So try to be funny but you too LOL
So be more polite and respect the rules of this blog. which can be shown on the (show your first post thingy)..
These were the tips I guess so thank you guys for viewing this blog <3 <3 <3 <3 thanx and cyas later on SUNDAY