Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stylz IS ALIVEEEEE (ty God XD)

Aye unicorns! How iz uh?
Well i acctually have no timeeeeee (no is not the world's end :O)
I just have to go and leave my laptop aloneeee (He's a survivor psh...XD)
And what we're gonna talk about is STYLZ YEP! That shop you tought it is dead well guess what! It acctually isn't! ROFL
SEW,Woozworld updated Shopz so the latest old new outfits now in store are in Stylz 2! For disappointing! Well...anything JUST CHECK OUT.

THIS ARE THEM GIRLS OUTFITS :CarnaWooz and Wns pop...But you know since Wns pop was in store i tought woozworld missunderstood woozens like i think they request Wns strapless. (yea i am pink headed cri)
HERE did you notice like you have an option where you can chose the colours of your items like at the outfits from marketplace it only tells you that they are colourable and you can only change the item's colour in inventory .Something that is weird if you don't have a colour code (like me -cought-) because you can't try it on (with the colour you want to put) your woozens so maby you don't like it at the end (like buying an esqueleta and then  hateing the colour codeee Rotfl) And yea this guy in the bacround is fab okay?
You know i would buy the outfits but 
So now let's pray for shopz update XD. OMg so i will change my sign off photo asap so yea 9pink head now go and tell me i look like a strawberry XXXD)
Last but not at least i wanna tell all the bloggers to respect the blogging rules -myley getting serious- i don't want to be rude or something but is important for the blog reputation that pink and penny worked hard for it! 
THank you! :)

 NEW SIGN OFF PIC SOON GLITTERING UNICORNS (may it include strawberries 2? xx)
(sorry is supeeeeeer dupeeeeer short but yea -cought- AVENGERS -cought- at -cought- cinema -cought) Erm...nothing! xx BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE