Friday, May 8, 2015

MonkeyZ on WoozWorld!

Hello Bursties!

Guess who's back? Meee!

I am truly sorry for not posting for well over a month now. I've been busy dealing with some personal problems and school stuff. You might think that my life, or someone's life is perfect, but that's not it. Okay? Nobody has a perfect life. Not even Bill Gates.

Anyway, now that I'm back I'm going to start posting frequently! I already have some ideas! My weekly advice post will be on again starting from next week and if you don't know what that's about please click here. Moving on..

Did you guys see the new post about MonkeyZ on the WoozWorld newsite? If not, here it is:

I must say this is sooo cute and I will definitely buy a monkey! I'm so glad WoozWorld is starting to get more creative. I'll probably get Suave or George!
Which one's your favourite?

Until next week!