Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hey Bursties! It's Penny :D Hope Yall Are Loving The New Theme, It Feels So SPRINGALICIOUS <3 So Most Of You Have Heard About The Release Of The ANDROID APP Thats Coming This Spring (Hopefully Soon) Today Was The BIG Event That Was Private, A Special Interview With The CREATOR Of The App !!!! HOW COOL IS THAT. Each Winning Blog + 1 Of Their Lucky Representatives Got An Exclusive Tee, And Got To Be At That Event Today Which Was At 4PMWT! 

It Was Such A Blast! We Got To Meet 2 Very Important Woozband! 


This Is +MODRoux ! We Were So Lucky To get Him To Say Woozworld Burst For Us <3 Luv U Roux! He Got To Answer All of Our Questions Today! Which I Will Be Telling You About After In Introduce Tink!

yes! Today We Not Only Met Roux, but Tink! No Nooooo Not TINKERBELL XD TINK Is A faboulas Helper Who Knows Alot About The App As Well!

Say Hello To +MODTink

Super Fab Right xD Well Now That You Know These AMAZING Woozband, Lets Talk About All The Amazing Things The "SWEETEST 20" Got To Ask!

Q & A

Q: How Hard Was It To Make Woozworld Into An App?
 A: They Started To Create The App During The Release Of The APPLE App Believe It Or Not! It Took A Very Long Time Due To The Coding And They Wanted It To Be Secure, And Non Glitchy, And STRONG For Us to Play :D

Q: Will there Be Any Exclusive Items For Android Users?
A: YES! There Will Be! For All The Users Who Login To The Android Device Will Recieve A SPECIAL Gift That You Cannot Get Anywhere Else !

Q: Will Woozworld Be Avalible For WINDOWS Devices?
A: In The Future It Will Be Available For WINDOWS As Well!

Q: But If Theres No ITunes Store, How Can We Make Purchases On The App!?!?
A: no Need To Fear! You Can Buy Stuff Using Your Mobile Device Still, But You Have To Use The Google Play Store!

Q: Will The WOOZIN Still be Available?
A: 100% Of Course! They Are Working To Make It As Similar As The Apple/IPHONE Version of Woozworld :) !

Q: When Is The App going To Be RELEASED!?!
A: Well Sadly We Cannot Tell You That Because Its Classified Information for The Challenge Of Who Guesses The Correct Date! (Darn Max)

These Were Only Few Of The Questions We Got Today! But Feel Free To Ask Any Woozen Wearing The Android Top (Including Myself) For Help Or Questions About The App! Get It Here first, At Woozworld BURST 

xoxo, iLuvpenguins64