Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's a jungle out there- Don't get lost!

     Just as the title says, it IS a jungle out there! Woozen Quest is now full of trees and exotic plants. What could this mean?

Jay did have a jungle unit contest... He said that we should wait Thursday before we enter our unitz.. Thursday is when new outfits come... Ah ha! The theme story Woozworld is doing is jungle based! We might be expecting some jungle outfits tomorrow... Let's just hope we don't grow vines on our chin! Yes... I remember the zombie beards last October.. Anyways.. maybe this has a story? How can a jungle mysteriously show up to Woozen Quests? I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow!
And also, Congrats to all the other blogs and Woozworld Burst for winning the contest! :)

WHAT is this thing?!? LOL