Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hooollllaaa Bursties! Happy Spring <3 I Missed You All So Much, I Apologize For Not Being As Active Last Week Due To A Huge Project I Was Working on! I Have Many Updates About It On My Instagram Which You Are All Welcome To Follow: instagram.com/iluvpenguins64_/ !  ( Thank All My Current Followers That Got Me To My 3K GOAL 04/13/15 - I Loveee You)


Today When I Logged On, I Got A Message From +MAXWOOZ ! :O Yes, The Real Maxxxyyy <3

(Click to enlarge  - Oh and Hey Theres Little ME XD)

I'd Like To Take A Moment And Thank Everyone For All Of Your Wonderful Comments, help And Support With Burst! We Couldn't Have Done It Without You. I Remember When We Had Goals Of 1000 And Even THAT Was Crazy For Us! Never In A Million years Did I Ever Think We Would Get Past 100K , And HERE We Are At 250K+ !!! That Just Goes To Show You Should NEVER Underestimate Yourself And Aim For The Moon.. Because You Might Just Land In The Stars ;D

 I Hope To See All of You At The Special Android Event Tomorrow, They Will Be Featuring All Of The Blogs Who Won :D Congratulations To Woozworld Charm, Woozworld Warriorz, Woozworld Craze, Woozworld Little Secrets, Social Wooz, Deadline Rewritten, WoozMagazine, Woozapalooza101  And Of Course, Us! Woozworld Bursttttttttttt! Stay Tuned For More :D We Will Be Recording This Event LIVE... DONT BE LATE! IT STARTS @ 4PM Wooztime At Max's Game Show ;D

xoxo, iLuvpenguins64