Friday, April 17, 2015

Monkey hunting!

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today,I will be helping you get to the lost monkey.If you already got it,keep reading,because I still have more to talk about.So if you're having trouble with the tiles to get to the monkey,here are your answers!!

1.)Click the tile,on the bottom left corner twice in a row.

2.)Click the tile.on the bottom right corner twice in a row.

Now click the box in front of the monkey,to get a trophy! :D BTW You don't want to know how long it took me to figure this out.Literally.So anyways,after completing that you'll get these notifications:

These may be tricky,so good luck.The only hints I can give you,is that you have to guess randomly.Don't worry,you'll get it soon enough ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post,I'm so very sorry it was quite short.I have a young author's conference tomorrow and won't be getting home till 5:00 maybe.I was chosen cause I loaf art and books.So anyways,keep waiting for that fantabulous app coming,and good luck with the quest!!

Bleaty signing out.