Sunday, April 19, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- SOTW Outfits

Hey my munchies!! So, how have you guys been doing? Hope you say good! ...xD Idk... I didn't know how to start this post.... Heh...... OKAY, LET'S JUST HOP INTO OUR TOPIC:

SOTW Outfits- So, today is star of the week and today's theme was best blue water outfit since Earth Day is almost here and Earth is 71% made up of water (according to Mya Wooz). So, I actually tried to get in and I kept clicking, but I didn't make it and got like 100 something in queue.... Some people click really fast.... I am not one of them XD Anyways, I saw some amazing shades of blues!
This is a bright and pretty blue! I love this outfit because it is so casual, yet so stylish! I love the blue color code with that hair color as well! This outfit is just PERFECT! AMAZING OUTFIT Nicky-Bear!
Okay, so when I was looking at the woozens in the unitz, this outfit stood out to me because of this  STUNNING color code! I always loved this blue color code and this blue is also with small bits of a purple I think.... I love the bralet with this skirt. Honestly, I always loved that top since it first came out. Thank you Riley61 for displaying your amazing shade of blue!

So, that is it for today. Oh, I did the sign off photo! OMG, when I was taking my pics for the signoff photo I kept losing connection which was so annoying D:..... Okay, also I need some ideas for my signoff photos because I am running out of ideas XD So, please help me? Oh and remember to enter my photo contest (deadline is now May first).... Message me for details cause the post I posted is kind of old, so you have to like keep clicking the older posts button. So, just message me for details. Btw, I was trying to make it look like two of them were high fiving... xD I love the background :D I got it from google.. XD I looked up like spring park background I think... Anyways, bye!