Saturday, March 28, 2015

Woozworld Updates!!

Hey guys o3o.Bleaty here.Today I'll be talking about the Woozworld Updates.Yes I know it happened like,2 days ago,but just incase some of you haven't noticed the updates,I'll be telling you some!! Lets get started xD

The first update I noticed was:If you go to options,there's a button called,Movez.With that button,you can block other people's movez,to create less lag.I honestly love this,because normally in eventz I go to,I'll lag out 10 minutes before it starts,because of dancing lag.
 The next update I saw,was:You can now change beex prices!! instead of Maximum Beex being 9999 it is now,999999.The bad thing about this,is that in order to now buy items,you need like 20 thousand beex.4000 won't do you go.

Another thing I saw was:New fonts!The writing for items is now smaller,and a little fancier.To me it looked different,I don't know if it will to you.Can you see the difference?                                                                    

 The last thing I probably noticed was:Pet names are visible & Pets in general.When you put your cursor over a pet,the name is now visible to you.Also,the pet system has changed.See for yourself:

I hope you'll all enjoy these new updates,following with more!!Before I go,I wanted to let you guys know I changed my chatbox name instead of +Bleaty it's now
+ вℓεαтү.Byee guys!!
Bleaty signing out!!

LoveLifeHowItIs # вℓεαтү