Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What You Think!? (Woozguidez)

Hey guys. So the past few days nothing has really happened. Thats BIG. Sooo. Im just gonna cover WoozGuidez. 

At the start of when the new Guidez first came out, i got @BlueForever to tell me what she though of the new Guidez!

So we all know the word "WoozGuide". People are running for it all the time (YEAR AROUND).  They put it in their statuses.

This is just a FEW
that have this in their status.. (Yes one is mine)

Anyways! I've seen people fight with Guidez. Non-stop ALL THE TIME. I guess they think they don't do anything. Yes some do not. But that doesn't mean they all don't
So we should all give them a chance. Until they prove their selves worthy or not worthy of being a Guide.

                                                Okay guys that's all for tonight!
                                                      Love you Bursties! :)