Saturday, March 7, 2015

STOP BULLYING! & Fabulous News!

Hey guys x(.Bleaty again.I'm not in a good mood right now.I'm undescribable at the moment.A mixture of Mad,sad,furious.Why? Because I'm getting bullied,on woozworld,and in the chatbox.I can't give you the name,for it can cause troubles,so here are pictures.Please be aware that bullying does hurt,and it isn't the right choice to make.

I'm only gonna say this     
once,think before you type,for it can save a life.Please Rox leave me alone.I'm tired of being bullied.I never did anything to you.And this message goes for everyone.Don't bully.It really hurts inside.I didn't think I would be having this talk with you guys again,considering I had just posted about this yesterday.if we have to talk about this again,there will be a bigger consequence.Anyways off that topic,I have some great news for you guys.We're now accepting new trial bloggers!Send in your application at the "Become a blogger" tab. :3Also,Penny has returned!She was I think taking a break from woozworld,but now we have her back.

So we'll probably be having more updates soon for you guys! :) My last thing I want to say is,Battle of The Photos has returned!! So far I have 3 applications, Me,Cutiexpiexgirl,and Ejmeto-backup.(Still has not handed it in)I will be accepting 1 more.So get your photos in!

That's mostly all for today.Remember to:STOP BULLYING! Bleaty signing out xoxo

BobIsBleaty -Bleaty xoxo