Friday, March 6, 2015

Chatbox issues & Store items returning?

Hey guys! Bleaty here today o3o.I have some very important stuff to talk about.First off,again,we have some issues with the chatbox.Please do not pose as me.I can get bullied or even kicked off the blog for what you 'pretend' making me say.Here are some photos: Please also don't swear or curse in there.As you can also see someone also posed as Penny,the owner.I don't want to keep having this talk with you guys.You'll know its me when I spell CORRECTLY and I put @ When speaking to someone.I also do not use many emotions,or say bad things.I hope this won't happen again,and if it does,there will be some consequences.Also thanks too @ TooGucci4u Thanks for trying to help :) I hope you learned your lesson now.Anyhow,now onto the fun stuff! :D Mya has lately posted this post.
                                                                                So when you go to Central plaza,There will be a Red Podz where you can type in which outfits you miss in woozworld!You wanted it,so choose wisely.I personally chose Stylish Ballerina.But chose what ever you want!!Anyways that's all for today bursties.Remember battle of the photos is coming soon! Bleaty signing out!!

                Le Fabu Bleaty xoxo-