Friday, February 13, 2015

No more grey, FrameZ, & Cupids!

Hello lovelies! So earlier today I logged on and found out that there is NO MORE GREY!  It's very weird how the grey just left but hey I'm not complaining xP. The cloud that was hanging over our heads for quiet awhile but  left a day before Valentine's Day, the day of love C: So is the cloud gone for good? Or will it return with an even nastier bite? Let's hope not...

 In other news, Woozworld has added FrameZ which you can buy in the Shopz for 180 & 150 wooz depending on which one you get. The types of FrameZ are  

1): Valentine's FrameZ -180
2): Bae FrameZ -180
3): Rectangle FrameZ -150
Those were the frameZ  which I personally think the Bae FrameZ is really cute haha C:

How dooes it work? The frameZ work by once you buy it, you place it where you want it in your units, and you click on it. Once you've clicked it you chose the picture you'd like.  And your done! :)

In some other news, there are some new woozpets I'd guess you'd call them that. There are new Cupids! And they're really adorable! You have 4 new Cupids. Here they are.

1): Wicked Lovz Cupid -250
2): Sweet Lovz Cupid -250
3): Sparks of Love Cupid -250
4): Sparkz of Love Cupid -250
That's all for today lovelies! This is Cuttiepie1219 saying goodbye and Happy Valentine's Day!
Bye bye!! C: