Friday, February 13, 2015

FrameZ & Battle of The Photos

Hey guys! :)Bleaty here. Happy St.Valentines Day!!Just remember not to eat too much chocolate. o.0

Anyways,Today on woozworld,JayWooz told us about these tings called: FrameZ.You can get them in the ShopZ for about 180 Wooz! 
That's a great deal.Here's what these FrameZ are.I'm so lazy I'll copy and paste ;_;.

FrameZ are a special kind of furniture that allows you to show off a photo from your Albumz. Once you’ve bought a FrameZ from Shopz, place it in your Unitz on a wall. From there, you will be able to click on it, select one of your Albumz, and choose a picture to display.
Your picture stays in the FrameZ until you decide to switch it out or remove it. You can sell or trade your FrameZ, and your picture will remain inside it. But remember, you can only add photos that are in your own Albumz. If you remove a picture from a FrameZ that you received through trade or purchase, you won’t be able to re-add it.
Give the gift a special photo memory with FrameZ!
So basically you buy this from the shopz,select a photo,and you can place it on your wallz for everyone to see your fabulous-ness xD,Remember you can Trade and Sell these frameZ.Or if you're extra kind,Gift it :).There are different styles for each frame.For example: The Bae frameZ,Valentine's FrameZ, and The Rectangle FrameZ

They're very cute.I'm not sure how long they'll last,so get them while you can!Before I go,tomorrow I'm adding a new Battle of the Photos,So if you want to join,make a picture,and message me on woozworld @ Bleatystar-.Thanks! :)

xoxo Bleaty signing out

-Bleaty                                                     (New photo coming soon!!)