Sunday, February 1, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- ZeChic Outfits

Hey! Okay let me first start off with:
Sorry for not posting on Friday again =-= I have to stop forgetting.... I literally had my idea for the post ready and my pictures for the post read, but "noooo" I just had to forget somehow... I really don't get how I save the pictures on my computer that day and then forget to write the post and add my pictures in then post it..... I need like some kind of sign........ Anyways, sorry again guys D: Also, if you guys think I don't like writing posts for you, I do like writing posts cause I get to express my opinions and share them with you guys. I also like seeing your fashion ideas and other ideas!

Okay, now back to the topic of the post which is fashion from the zechic oufits. I honestly love the cat ear headband. The waves/curls are done so perfectly and then to top it off there are cat ears!! THANK YOU WOOZWORLD!! XD
Okay now the outfits from you guys:
Hair: I love it as I said before
Bottoms:  I like this skirt because it is flowy (kind of flowy).
Shoes:  I love the design on the boots and these boots give an edge to the outfit.
Outfit in Overall Perspective: I would love to wear this for spring especially with this amazing green color! Good job to Bailey-BACKUP!
Hair: This hair is really popular XD
Top: Popular as well
Bottoms: These pants definitely give like an urban feel to it and an edge to the outfit as well
Shoes: I never know what to pair these shoes with, but ,girl, you did an amazing job with pairing this outfit with these shoes!
Outfit in Overall Perspective: I love how XxnoranxXuwi and Bailey-BACKUP use the same top and hair, but they use the clothes in a different way. This outfit is perfect for a daily outfit and good for just hanging out with friends. Loving the outfit XxnoranxXuwi
Hair: Who doesn't like this hair? XD
Top: This top makes the outfit perfect for school. I love the collars because it reminds me of a school look, but it sparkly, so it gives it a PIZAZZ xD Did I spell that right..?
Bottoms: Those are from the doll outfit I think.. These bottoms just make the outfit more unique look (in a good way xD)
Shoes: Slippers= perfect for a casual day...
Outfit in Overall Perspective: Good for school, just hanging with friends, or/and a casual day. Rockstarkitten-B, this outfit is amazing!

I love all of these outfits!! Good job to all three of you!! Got to go now, ttyl bursties!