Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cold Front?

Hey there, everyone! So recently on the WoozIn, LilyWooz posted this strange message:

Feel a chill in the air? The Woozworld Weather Bureau is warning of an approaching cold front with a mysterious dark gray cloud. 

After reading, I clicked on the link that was provided, which brought me to this "EXTREME WEATHER WARNING" page on WoozNewz that explained a little more about the "threatening skies" coming ahead. Apparently, there is a cold front arriving towards us, followed by a dark stormcloud that is predicted to cause a lack of color, spirit, and happiness throughout Woozworld - just in time for Valentine's Day. In order to protect your Woozen from the harsh conditions, there was a "Boost of Love" that could be purchased from the Woozworld Store this weekend. The supply was supposed to run out today, so now anyone who doesn't own the Boost will be in danger when the cold front approaches. But couldn't you just not log into Woozworld while the storm occurs? Anyway, I personally didn't buy the Boost, since I didn't find out until late last night that there even was one, so we'll see what happens! In the meantime, stay safe Woozens!