Sunday, January 25, 2015

New ZeChic Items Coming (Inside Scoop-SPOLERS)

Hey guys! It is Cutiexpiexgirl. I know I didn't post Friday D: Seriously, I am really sorry.... Okay, so as you guys can tell the topic today is new zechic items :D
Let's get started
Mya posted that this would be in zechic. I personally don't love it.... I don't like the hair part, but the panda is cute....
This one is amazing to me XD I love the sparkles and that necklace like YAS! XD This one is definitely perfect for just a day that you just want to be casual yet stylish!
The design on the hoodie is cool! Though woozworld meant this top to be for guys, girls can definitely rock this too for a casual day.

NOW, I found three others items that woozworld did not post about yet.... The day is January 25th, 2015 , so woozworld might post about these items later.... but for now it is not posted about just yet.
If you are reading this later then this date, you might find that woozworld posted about. But as said before, it is not posted about yet... I am too repetitive XD By the way I found this on facebook in the woozworld chat.
Okay, so one of the items is already posted about, so I think this is pretty accurate..... Sorry if it isn't, but it does seem to be accurate. Okay I think the sweater is pretty nice and simple. The dress perfect for like a day in the park or something or you can also dress it up! The hair... I JUST LOVE IT!! OMG  I really want that..... I wish I was vip now because of that hair though I always wanted to be Vip... XD

Okay, got to motor now... Motor ... xD Happy early valentine's day! Early valentine's signoff photo arrived!