Sunday, January 25, 2015

#FashionHaul with me! -- NEWS ABOUT #AskNicole

Hello guys! And today, I'm going to be showing you some really cool outfits today! 

Model: Thewayyouloveme

I love this outfit. I think it reminds me of the spring time, and gets my head out of all the cold weather, and it also reminds 
me of all the bright
clothes. Overall: 9.5

Model: Fashion---Forever

Okay. This outfit is gorgeous. It goes very well with the background, I love it. It's also casual, but in a 
fun way. So if you
wear it, you can 
play in it. Overall:

Lastly, we have:



This outfit makes me
feel like i'm out on the beach, and I am having
a great time with my
friends. I think the
outfit is cute too.
Overall: 9.4

Okay guys. So in about 3 weeks , I'm having a #Ask Nicole tag. So write on my wallz random questions, but they must be appropriate. Thanks.xx

- NicoleLoves-