Friday, January 30, 2015

Unique Outfit Reviews!

Hey there, everyone! This is my second post on Burst as a trial blogger! So, today I decided to go around Woozworld, find Woozens with unique outfits that caught my attention, and share them with you all. Here are my top three favorites!

Woozen 1: Rainbowbuckets

Hair: Cat Ear Headband
Top: Glitter & Bling Croptop
Shorts: Classic minishorts
Shoes: Leopard Sneakers
Review: The black bracelets and the matching high-tops make an edgy statement, but the cat ears and glitter balance it out by adding a playful touch. Along with jade eyes for a pop of color, this look is perfect for a summer night out!

Woozen 2: XxAddyxX

Hair: Stud Hairband
Top: Heart Sweater
Pants: Slim Jeans
Shoes: Retro Sneakers
Review: The long, comfy sweater and casual pants have a carefree, laidback appearance, but topped off with a dazzling headband, a Peter Pan collar, and a pair of fancy kicks, the look is instantly more put-together. It's great to wear for bundling up in the winter and autumn while still looking cute!

Woozen 3: fireflame-bloom

Hair: ChicNationZ Hair
Dress: Dress 'n Coat
Shoes: ChicNationZ Strap Heels
Review: The exotic hair flower and neutral bracelets give off a gorgeously lazy vibe, while a fitted blazer, a cinched belt, and elegant peep-toes secure the look in a more polished and chic way. Dashes of blossom pink make this an ideal outfit for the springtime!